Rock ‘n Rage

It’s another sold out show for one of the world’s greatest rock bands – but this night is far from ordinary! A strange force from another dimension has eyes for the band’s sexy lead singer Sheena, and has chosen this night to make its move. And to ensure that it has Sheena all to itself, it’s taking Sheena through various periods in history. With Sheena gone, her band could be history! It’s up to two of Sheena’s bandmates, John and Rick, to save their singing eye candy before disaster strikes!

Rock’n Rage is a 8-way scrolling fighter in which John and Rick must battle through five time periods to save the lead singer of their band from a cruel fate. During game play, our two intrepid rockers can break pots to find note guns that allow them to attack from a distance, and point items that increase players’ current score. In addition to looking for a way out of the time period, John and Rick must also watch out for a special character (unique to each time period) that when found will give them a force field. At the exit to each time period, a boss awaits.

Players can rock alone, or team up with a buddy to save Sheena.


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