Roommania #203

Chain-smoking Neji Taihei is an average Japanese guy, lives by himself in his apartment, and is kind of a loser. Naturally, just letting the guy continue being a loser isn’t particularly interesting, so a spirit that happens to also live in his apartment starts to toy with his daily life.

You can affect Neji in two different ways. If he’s not around, you can interact with things in his apartment like moving his table, or locking his door. If he is around, you can throw little ping-pong balls at objects to focus his attention on them. If you throw too many too fast, though, he’ll get depressed and ignore you.

The game follows a calendar with different missions to do on different days. Each mission in the game starts with a short video showing what you need to get Neji to do, which can be something simple like making him use his computer or drink a glass of water, or something more complicated like getting him to order something from a TV ad. Depending on your success in each mission, the outcome will change, and you will determine if Neji remains a loser for the rest of his life.


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