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You play as a well-known street racer in the L.A. underground scene named Trikz who has a mansion and car collection to back up his sizable reputation. Trikz’s lavish lifestyle is put to the test, however, when a local race promoter named Lidell is set to put on a major series of races. Lidell is not particularly fond of Trikz and tries to tip the scales against him by using his connections to rob Trikz of all his rides whilst he was on vacation. It was up to Trikz to reacquire them through street racing and get payback on Lidell.

PlayStation Portable port was released on October 30, 2006 named Rush. The game has all-new missions and two all-new modes. Other new features include 50 new vehicles (with at least 36 of them being licensed), 30 new cruise missions (playable with another player using the PSP’s Wi-Fi), upgrades for cars (available from multiple top-line manufacturers and West Coast Customs) and a new hip-hop and rock soundtrack. Twista and Lil’ Kim are featured in the soundtrack.


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