Seal of the Pharaoh

Seal of the Pharaoh is a light RPG with simple real-time combat and some puzzle-solving. The player takes control of the son of a prominent archaeologist, who has recently discovered the long lost tomb of Rassius III, and has gone missing. It is now up to the player to find him by exploring the tomb, but at the same time avoid the various traps and enemies laid out before them.

The perspective is from a first-person view as they progress through the maze-like pyramid equipped with a club, a shield and a diary. As they progress they must avoid traps, but also use their club and shield to take out enemies such as giant wasps, scorpions and even haunted urns. More powerful weapons and items can be obtained through further exploration as well as clues to decipher the diary and various puzzles that need to be solved in order to advance. The RPG element is present in weapon-training; the more the protagonist uses a weapon, the higher is the damage inflicted with it.


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