Sega Tetris

Sega Tetris is an officially licensed Tetris game originally made for arcades that can be played in both single player and multi player modes. The game uses polygonal graphics with animated backgrounds. As progress through the game is made these change and take the player to numerous different settings.

When playing alone the game is very much true to the original Tetris but with some differences. The game is played with a joystick for moving the blocks around as they fall and two buttons to rotate them left and right. As the game’s level is raised the speed of the falling block will also increase and since it’s an arcade game it will reach a high pace relatively early. One addition to the game is a slot machine and the symbol it stops on depends on the number of lines cleared. By matching all the three wheels the player will get a large bonus.

The two player versus mode adds special attacks to the gameplay and these are activated by clearing lines. Clearing two lines will lead to a joint attack where two stuck together blocks will fall while clearing three lines will lead to a long block falling. By creating a tetris (clearing four lines) stacked lines will rise from the bottom of the playfield. Some attacks come from clearing multiple lines that are apart from each other. This includes a missile attack that destroys block and a K.O. attack that knocks out the opponent preventing him from controlling the blocks for a short while. There is also a four player mode where two cabinets are connected. On the Dreamcast version the multiplayer mode can be played online.


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