Sesame Street: Numbers
Windows 3

This is an educational CD-ROM which lays the foundation for pre-reading skills for children ages two to six. With Elmo as their guide, children explore the neighborhood and visit with many Sesame Street characters. Eight activities will acquaint children with numbers, counting, spatial relationships, and other pre-math essentials. There is also a special interactive phone used to call favorite Muppets, as well as interactive storybooks, televisions, and radios. The games include the Present Game, the Paper Clip Game, the Near and Far Game, and “I’ve Got Your Number.” As players explore Sesame Street, they will encounter characters and games. The Present Game is a number identification and counting activity hosted by Elmo. He will ask for a certain number of objects. Objects are then placed inside a big box and he counts them. If he’s given the number he asked for, a fireworks display will appear. If not, players may try again. In the Paper Clip game Ernie has hidden all of Bert’s paper clips and needs help in finding them. Ernie will give children clues as they search his apartment. This game teaches identification of shapes by their physical characteristics. The Near and Far Game takes place in Big Bird’s Nest and reinforces listening and deductive reasoning skills as well as the concepts of near and far. Big Bird hides his birdseed and players must hunt for it all around his nest. As children search and click on objects in his nest, he will tell them whether they are “near” or ‘”far” from the birdseed. In “I’ve Got Your Number” elementary addition and subtraction skills are emphasized. Bats are hiding behind one of the numbers in Count Von Count’s Castle. The Count will offer clues for the correct number.


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