Shaun the Sheep
Nintendo DS

Shaun the Sheep is an adventure game developed by Art Co., Ltd and published by D3Publisher’s America and Europe branches for the Nintendo DS handheld console. The game is based on the popular Aardman Animations series of the same name. The game was released on September 23, 2008 in the United States. In the game, Shaun must find and rescue the sheep before the farmer gets home.
The sheep have escaped and Shaun must find the rest of the flock before the Farmer comes home. Gamers will play as Shaun and interact with favorite characters such as Shirley, Timmy, Bitzer and more as they adventure through their favorite scenes and explore areas from the series like the junk pile, the sheep pool and the circus tent. Players will utilize the DS touch screen and microphone as they experience three different gameplay modes: Story Mode, Mini-game Mode and Collection Mode and maneuver around obstacles, access hidden areas, and try their hand at eight unlockable mini-games and eight collectible slide puzzles. Five “micro” games offer players more interactivity and depth by showcasing memorable moments from the show such as saving Timmy from the circus high wire or making a ball of wool to distract Pidsley the cat.
Shaun is controlled by the Control Pad or the stylus while walking, exploring or solving problems in a fully 3D area with 3D characters around. While most sheep are not hard to find, some sheep, like Timmy or Shirley, require a minigame to be started in order to be rescued. Every time enough achievements are reached, new areas are unlocked to find more sheep.


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