Smart Games Stratajams
Windows 3

Based on selected strategy puzzles from Smart Games Challenge #1, Smart Games Stratajams includes bunches of puzzles of six different kinds. Unlike SGC1, it automatically saves your progress when you change puzzles. The six puzzle types included are:Car Jam: Move the cars and other vehicles in the parking lot in order to get the red car to the exit (75 puzzles)Cash Crop: Harvest the crops as efficiently as possible to maximize your revenue (50 puzzles)Marble Jump: Essentially the classic peg-jumping game, but with marbles and different starting configurations (75 puzzles)Sliding Tiles: Sliding tiles puzzles (50 puzzles)Traffic: Adjust the timing of stoplights to get traffic through the intersections as quickly as possible; later puzzles add stop signs, bridges, and parking garages (25 puzzles)Warehouse: Soko-Ban puzzles; push crates onto target squares in as few moves as possible (76 puzzles)


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