Smart Games Word Puzzles #1
Windows 3

For those who loved Smart Games Challenge #1’s word puzzles, this is a stand-alone package with lots more of four kinds of word puzzles from that game. Unlike SGC1, this one will automatically save your progress whenever you change puzzles. The included puzzle types are:

Crossed Words: Blacken squares in the grid to leave only valid words (75 puzzles)

Scanagrams: Unscramble the words, then unscramble a final word made up of selected letters from the previous words (99 puzzles)

Word Hunter: Word searches; early puzzles have predefined lists, but in later puzzles, you just find as many words as you can (60 puzzles)

Word Melt: Change one letter at a time to get from one word to another; later puzzles require different numbers of letters to change each step (76 puzzles)


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