This is a game for two players. The winner is the person who scores most points. There are eight different colours of balls on the table and their points are assigned as follows: Red-1, Yellow-2, Green-3, Brown-4, Blue-5, Pink-6, Black-7 and the white cue ball.

Each player in turn uses the cue ball to try and hit other balls into the six pockets situated along the two sides and at the corners of the table. This is called ‘potting’. The player’s turn ends when he either scores no points during his turn or plays a ‘foul shot’ (this will be defined later). When the red balls are potted, they are not replaced, unlike other coloured balls.

Whenever red balls are present on the table, the player must first pot a red. If successful, then he must try to pot another colour. If successful, he can attempt to pot a red ball again. When all red balls are potted then the player must try and pot other balls in ascending order of their colour values.

A ‘snooker’ is defined as no clear line of sight between the cue ball and any valid balls


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