Smash and Grab

Your character, the robber, has to collect the bags of gold that are falling from the bank window that he has smashed. The object is to fill the billboard with the pound signs which are awarded for each bag collected. If five bags get past you to the water, a life is lost. Bags that do not get past are displayed as a flashing alarm above the bank.

Your opponent in the game is a policeman, who will try to knock you into the water. Also against you are flying police cones which have to be kicked to avoid losing a life and floating dustbin lids which must be avoided. If, however, a police box is kicked while it is flashing, it will turn the traffic light to red and enable you to. by contact, send the policeman into the water. This facility also stops the bags of gold from falling.

If the traffic light turns to red-and-amber, you have a limited amount of time to get the policeman. A green light means contact with the policeman is fatal. The bags of gold score more points the nearer to the top of the screen they are collected. A bonus man is awarded for each 10,000 points scored, but only to a maximum of 3.


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