Soft Kill
Windows 3

Imagine a high-tech attack on the United States… Imagine a unique story told in an unprecedented way. Developed by Xiphias, the company that introduced the first computer graphics system to be used in television news (KNXT in Los Angeles), Soft Kill is a unique techno-thriller based on the latest in hi-tech that explores the possibility of a world power using non-lethal warfare to bring the U.S. to its knees. Two politically opposed characters are thrown together in defense of the United States as a rogue element of the Japanese military attacks the Alaska Pipeline, the Panama Canal and the Malaccan Straits. The action explodes from a secret U.S. Navy base on Kauai to an ancient military shrine in Tokyo, from the North Shore of Alaska to the Palaces of Riayadh and the deep bowels of the United State’s computer systems. Founded in a deep understanding of the vulnerability of the American infrastructure to attack and disruption, and the age-old attempts of governments to contest each other’s territories of influence, this story combines high drama with photo-realistic imagery and video of secret places. The disk contains more than 70 digitized images and more than an hour of narration, which tell the story of what “nonlethal warfare” will be like in the not-so-distant future. Soft Kill owners can have the story told from different perspectives, including those of a narrator and the story’s main characters. The innovative gameplay system consists of seven rows of ten cells each (called the Matrix), with four storytelling modes possible: Author (basic storytelling), Point-of-View (first-person views of varying subjects or subplots), Random (play sequences within each cell), and User (create your own path through the cells).


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