Stowaway! Stephen Biesty’s Incredible Cross-Sections
Windows 3

high seas! Explore every deck, cabin, nook, and cranny of this amazing 18th-century warship in your search for the hidden stowaway. Stephen Biesty brings his intricate, detailed illustrations to life with hundreds of animations, narrated stories, and sound effects to create a vivid impression of what life at sea was really like. Find the Stowaway – A stowaway is hidden somewhere in each of the ships ten cross-sections. Find him in each of his hiding places, any youll discover the key to his secret. Extraordinary Close-Up Illustrations – Navigate up and down the decks, and zoom in to scores of individual scenesfrom the rat-infested depths of the hold to the luxury of the Captains cabin. Meet the Crew – Introduce yourself to the Captain, the Boatswain, the Cook, the Gunner, and many more colorful characters. Browse through their journals, and listen to them tell you about everyday life aboard their incredible ship. Animated On-Board Scenes – Witness life in every part of the shipfrom the noise to the danger of the cannon decks to the horrors of the surgeons operating theater.


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