Strategy Challenges Collection 2
Windows 3

Strategy Challenges Collection 2 consists of three strategy games:
Jungle Chess (from China).
Tablut (from Lapland, northern Scandinavia and Russia).
Surakarta (from Java, Indonesia).
All three are based on traditional board games, although they may be unfamiliar to many.

In Jungle Chess, you maneuver past wild animal playing pieces and avoid traps to get to your opponent’s den. In Surakarta, you travel along loops to capture opponents. In Tablut, you surround and capture the Swedish king, or try and escape to safety if you play the defensive position.

Jungle Chess and Tablut are played a little like chess and checkers, while Surakarta is a little like a race.The games have six animated computer opponents of varying skill levels and styles of play. Or you can take turns at the keyboard to play against another person. The game includes some videos on how animals use strategies to survive.


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