Surf’s Up
PlayStation Portable

Surf’s Up is based on the 2007 animated film of the same name, featuring surfing penguins and wacky hijinks.

Surf’s up for DS and PSP is a racing game that brings the player through an interesting adventure featuring all the characters from the CGI movie.

The player can choose from a bunch of the movie characters and compete in races against other movie characters. Each character has their own specific skills and their own surf boards. The different levels/races contain jumps/ramps which enables the player to perform tricks using either the stylus to draw objects (DS) or repeating a button sequence (PSP). Performing tricks will give you a speed boost which might just help you finish the race first and move on to the next round.

The levels also contain shortcuts and the race track is populated with different objects that can be used to gain a speed boost, distract or hit opponents and ultimately will help you finish the race first.

The game also offers a multi-player mode which enables you to play with friends who have the game and even friends who don’t have the game (but have a console).


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