Symantec Game Pack
Windows 3

A compilation of the following classic games:

Jacks: Click on the ball to toss it in the air, then click on the right number of jacks to grab them.
Hangman: Guess the letters in the word. Try not to make too many mistakes
Smart Dots: You and the computer take turns drawing a line between dots on a piece of paper. If you complete a square, fill it in; once the paper is filled, the player with the most squares wins.
Memory Blocks: A grid of tiles, turned face-down. Select the matching tiles.
Pick Up Sticks: Click on the sticks on top to pick them up. Try to pick up all of them in the least amount of time.
Code Breaker: Guess the secret code. Hints after every guess show the number of correct symbols.

Most games tend towards a “realistic” appearance. For example, Jacks shows walls in the back, and the Smart Dots field looks like real graph paper.


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