A game of strategy and reflex directly adapted from the arcade to the Archimedes.
You have to assemble the forms and colours to solve the various contracts.
On completion of the 64 levels you reach the I.L.G. (Infinite Level Generator).

Different coloured shapes appear at the top of your screen and drop down to the bottom and your job is to arrange them in various ways according to the contract you are given.

In phase one you have to arrange spheres into vertical rows of three of the same colour – and you have to perform the feat four times to fulfil the contract.

Phase two is similar, except that you have to arrange things horizontally in groups of three of the same colour – and do it five times.

Phase three involves blocks of four shapes and diagonal lines of three, and so on with the phases getting harder.

Other things also turn up at random on the screen. Most useful is the bonus which entitles you to move on to the next phase without completing your contract. There are also nasties which take points off your score and reverse the effect of your movement keys for a while.


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