This is the sequel to Nevryon, and was originally advertised as a 4th Dimension release, but the project was binned. It was later revived and released by Superior Software.

It’s a sideways scrolling game in which you fly your spacecraft through a number of different levels of varying difficulty, shooting anything that moves, and in some cases shooting things that don’t move as well.

Random collectables will appear when you shoot aliens. The more of these you collect the more powerful your spacecraft will become. These collectables include shields, mines, bigger guns, faster firepower and protective droids which you can fire in front of your craft to clear the way ahead for you.

There are 18 different levels, each divided up into zones, and they are passworded so you can skip early levels and get straight back into the action where you lost your last life. At the end of each level you have to defeat the ‘end of level boss’, in order to move onto the next level.

Unlike in Nevryon, now when you lose a life you just carry on, minus that life, but you do still lose the power ups you collected.

Another new feature is the introduction of a two player mode. This is a proper two player mode where both players are on screen at the same time, not waiting for your turn whilst the other person plays. You can team up together to complete the levels or play against each other.


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