The Adventures of Pinocchio
Windows 3

This is an interactive movie game based on the 1996 live action movie by the same name. After Pinocchio realizes his dream of becoming a real boy, the evil Lorenzini kidnaps him and turns him back into a puppet. You must help Pinocchio’s creator, Geppetto, find and rescue him. You’ll go through Pinocchio’s home town, row a boat through monster-infested waters and visit Terra Magica, the fair where Lorenzini turns boys into donkeys. To succeed, you’ll have to dodge deadly traps, solve puzzles and outwit Lorenzini’s conniving henchmen. Sometimes, you’ll have to turn yourself into a puppet, a fish, a bird or even a donkey to rescue Pinocchio. Along the way you must collect six passwords, each reflecting a lesson in morality that Pinocchio learns. You are aided by live-action guides Lumina and Candlewick who will offer different suggestions as to what to do but you must decide. There are plenty of wide-screen scenes from the movie and a ton of original footage.

The game comes on 4 CD’s (“The Village”, “The Forest”, “The Sea”, and “Terra Magica”) because of the FMV (though the video takes up only half the screen), each disk representing another world to explore. You must make plot choices and solve puzzles through clicking on the interface around the FMV or on the FMV itself. It allows for microphone input also through voice recognition technology that allows the user to control the events on the screen through voice alone.


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