The Crystal Rainforest

The Crystal Rain Forest is an educational puzzle game developed and published by Sherston Software for use in primary schools. It was originally released in 1992 for the Acorn Archimedes.
The game takes place on the planet Oglo. In the kingdom of Azon, the last remaining rainforest is being cut down by the antagonistic “Cut and Run Gang”. The king of Azon ordered the Cut and Run Gang to stop threatening the rainforest, and is shortly shot by a poison dart. The two protagonists must take part in a variety of settings and activities to retrieve the magical rainforest crystals to save the king and stop the deforestation of the planet.
The game is presented in a first-person perspective, in which the player has to use various controls and mechanisms to explore the dense rainforests and solve puzzles. The game contains nine fully narrated interactive activities which includes machinery, puzzles, computer programmes and control mechanisms. The player-characters takes part in various scenarios including puzzle solving and programming.


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