The Junior Science Series Volume 2: Shadows
Windows 3

The Junior Science Series is a collection of educational computer games on the topic of science for ages 4 to 8. This is the second volume focusing on shadows. The player can select a page to go to in the main navigation screen. Once a page has been selected, the player can choose a story or game to play from. The Wiseman stories allows the player to choose a picture and listen to some fun facts about science and nature.

The fun and games allow the player to click around the screen for hidden surprises and help the cartoon characters solve problems with different difficulty level settings. After a section is complete, the buttons highlight to choose with section to go to next. The main navigation screen can still be accessed by clicking on the door icon at the bottom left of each page. The player can also click on the scroll with the question mark to listen to narrated instructions in most of the sections of the game.


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