The Lords of Tantrazz
Windows 3

In The Lords of Tantrazz the player controls agent Veronika Callahan who has to fight an unimaginable evil named “The Hunger”. The numerous cutscenes are voiced comic strips and the game itself is played in a 1st-person 360° view. The puzzles are mostly inventory- or logic-based, (eg. “push the buttons in the right order” or “complete the circuit”.) When using an inventory item it is simply clicked on in the game world.

Additionally there are reaction tests and shootouts. When failing these the player can try again three times, then has to load a saved game – but it is only possible to save at the end of one of the six chapters. The player finds discs during the game which provide additional information about the mission.

The Lords of Tantrazz features the voice of former Alice Cooper guitarist Kane Roberts.


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