The Palace of Deceit: The Dragon’s Plight
Windows 3

In this adventure game the player directs the actions of Nightshade, a dragon of unusual coloration, as he escapes from a dungeon in Castle Lockemoer, “the Palace of Deceit”, and attempts to revenge himself and his people against the sinister Garth, a wizard attempting to rid the world of Salac of its friendly draconians. Nightshade was imprisoned in an attempt by Garth to obtain the secret location of the hidden Land of Dragons through torture, and now Nightshade will scour every square foot of Garth’s palace, from the subterranean mines to kitchens, libraries, gardens and torture chambers, to find what he needs to overthrow the genocidal Garth: the lost sword of The Great One.

Holding to certain interface conventions established earlier by ICOM’s MacVentures and World Builder games, this is largely achieved through pixel-hunting, sweeping the mouse over the screen in search of hot zones that change the mouse cursor into a new shape allowing him to pick up, converse with, operate or use an inventory item on the object beneath the cursor — quite often a hidden switch revealing a hidden passageway.


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