The Terminator
PlayStation Portable

The Terminator for iPhone is an explosive top-down all action shooter based on the original, and best, of the Terminator series, featuring both a Story Mode and Endless (Quick Play) Mode.Quick Play: select your weapon of choice from Pistols, Assault Rifles, Gatling guns and Bazookas, destroy as many of the machines as you can without falling to the enemy. Save injured Tech-Com soldiers and collect salvage for bonus points, improve your kill stats as you increase your combat expertise.Story Mode presents a back-story leading up to the beginning of The Terminator movie. 2029, The machines are winning the war. Our future is very much in doubt. Skynet is about to complete its time displacement device.You play a young Kyle Reese sent on a mission that will unravel a sequence of events which will pave the way to finding and saving John Connor, the only hope for Mankind in it’s desperate struggle against the machine intelligence, SkyNet.Features:- Bigger and badder weapons from Gatling guns to Bazookas- Two extreme game modes for a lasting game experience- Quick mode, rescue fallen soldiers- Story mode, play as Kyle Reese taking on challenging missions.- T-800s and Hunter Killer Tanks from the original movie along with an array of new foes- Multiple control modes and auto targeting options to match gameplay to every skill level.- Pounding soundtrack and sfx, play this game with headphones for a film like experience.VERSION 1.1 features:- Episode 2 storyline, continues the search for Jon Connor- 7 new stunning maps- A new enemy type- A new weapon: Lightning Gun- Improved explosions- Improved AI- Improved framerate & touch responses- Improved objectives mechanic- Three new difficulty modes- Global High Scores (requires Network connection)For even more explosive adventures in The Terminator universe, browse the Dark Horse Comics Digital Editions of The Terminator graphic novels, especially adapted for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and now available in the App Store.The Terminator for iPhone is for gamers who love casual action games, big explosions, and lots of noise.We’ll be back.Check out our other titles on YouTube and Facebook————————————–


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