The Time Machine

The Time Machine is a sort of sequel to Haunted House. It is another desktop graphic adventure and it uses the same game interface as before, and behaves in exactly the same way, but it is a totally new adventure.

This time instead of collecting antiques from a spooky old house, you embark on an adventure through time and space in a blue box. You start the game out on the road in the countryside near a blue portaloo.

The first task in this game is to get into the portaloo itself, which requires you to supply the password and also solve the Roman numeral puzzle. The door will then open and you can go in. There are a few useful items which you need to collect from the surrounding area of the portaloo before you disappear down various timelines.

On your travels you will visit a number of planets such as Earth and Mars. You must perform tasks here which will affect the game later on, so if you get something wrong in the past then the future won’t happen as it should do and it will mess the whole game up.

Quite a lot of the puzzles are far more difficult to solve than the Haunted House ones.


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