The Way Things Work
Windows 3

A unique “mammoth” guide to a magical world of machines, inventions, and technology. It’s based on David Macaulay’s book, a huge bestseller with over two-and-a-half million copies sold around the world. Now, on interactive CD-ROM, featuring outstanding animations and audio, Macaulay’s unique and fascinating introduction to the world of science and technology truly comes alive. The machines he draws actually function, and you can see and hear for yourself how things really work. Hundreds of fact packed animations. From telescopes to telephones, from lasers to lightbulbs, David Macaulay’s unique animations explain the workings of everything, from the simplest to the most complex of machines. The Great Wooly Mammoth, the inventors loyal and long suffering assistant, acts not only as your guide to the CD-ROM but also stars in a series of animated “home movies” that illustrate the inventors scientific breakthroughs. Countless everyday machines are illustrated, animated, and explained in fascinating detail. A cross-linked web of information – a single mouse-click lets you jump from the workings of machines to the explanations of the scientific principles that underlie them, and from the history of inventions to biographies of the inventors themselves. This is perfect for anyone over 8 years old. Curious minds of all ages are certain to find it irresistible. With over 1,500 screens and pop-ups, more than 1,000 illustrations, more than 300 animations, 60 minutes of audio, and over 70,000 words.


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