The Wimp Game

The wimp game is a brilliant pointer driven graphic adventure celebrating over 10 years of Acorn Home Computers

This was one of the early RISC OS games and was the first commercial game that operated just in the desktop.

The game takes place in a house and your objective is to move through each room solving the puzzles within to gain access to the next room. The overall objective of the game is to become the owner of the best Acorn computer available, which at the time that this game was written was an R200 workstation.
You start off as an Acorn Atom owner and along the way to your R200 workstation, you become the owner of an Electron, BBC Micro, BBC Master and A3000. There are no Risc PC’s here, so it gives you an idea of how old the game is. You can click the mouse menu button over the main game screen at anytime during the game and highlight the ‘Status’ option to show you which Acorn machine you currently own.

Control of the game is by the mouse, which involves pointing and clicking on items and artifacts in the room. Some of these are needed to complete the room, and others are simply red herrings. You can also kill yourself by touching (clicking) things that would normally harm you in the real world.


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