They Call Me… The Skul
Windows 3

In the North Putnam Maximum Security Correction Facility, strange things have been going on. Rumors of secret experiments taking place with some of the inmates, a strange Power Elite gang, and other criminals walking around with super powers. It it to this strange location that Steve Kane was taken when he was wrongly convicted of highway homicide. His life was saved on day by a man named Big John, which unleashed strange powers within him and turned him into the Skul.

They Call me the Skul is one among a series of Virtual Comics. The main purpose of these products is to create an interactive comic book reader that can be sold on cd-roms and viewed on a computer screen. The product also features a shooter game. Inside the game, the player controls Skul as he flies across the city, shooting members of the Power Elite game on top of roofs. Skul can pick up different power-ups. These powerups will shield him from enemy fire, allow him to shoot rapid fire or fire in three directions. These power-ups can be combined. The game continues indefinitely allowing players to rank up a large score.

The comic book reader runs in Windows 3.x and Windows 95, the game portion has executables for both MS-DOS and Windows 95.


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