Toki o Koeta Tegami

The year is 1945. Jerry Randolph, a female reporter working for the Chicago newspaper “Daily Casablanca”, finds a diary belonging to her high school friend May Elgar, who has disappeared several years ago under mysterious circumstances. Jerry discovers that May’s father was working on a groundbreaking scientific project. Too late to save Dr. Elgar from untimely death, Jerry uses a time machine constructed by him to travel to 1916, following the traces left by the criminals. In spite of its title, the game has little to do with the famous movie Casablanca beyond a few loose references. It is a text adventure with graphics, in which the player types text commands to interact with the environment. Several useful commands (including Look, Search, Take and Knock) can be accessed directly through function keys. Limited navigation between screens can be performed with directional arrows. English text input is supported to a certain degree, though text descriptions are in Japanese only.


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