Touch the Dead
Nintendo DS

Touch the Dead (titled Dead ‘n’ Furious in Europe) is a rail shooter/survival horror game for the Nintendo DS developed by Dream On Studio and published by Eidos Interactive under its brand Secret Stash Games. The game’s box art was created by artist Arthur Suydam, famous for his work on the Marvel Zombies line of comics.

Touch the Dead is a rail shooter. Players use the stylus to point at oncoming zombies on the bottom screen. Pointing fires the weapon Steiner has equipped. Shots can be delivered to the head, arms, legs, and stomach.

To reload, players must simply grab a clip icon (located in the bottom right hand corner of the touch screen), and drag it to the bottom left hand corner which has an image of the ‘magazine’.

The D-pad and face buttons of the console are simply used to switch weapons. Both serve the same purpose, and work for both right-handed and left-handed players.

Health and ammunition can be recovered by shooting crates and cabinets. The player also has the option of shooting switches to open doors and choose a left or right path when a fork appears. Either path chosen will still yield the same bonuses.


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