Undead Knights
PlayStation Portable

Set in the middle ages, Undead Knights is a story about a puppet king, his mysterious queen, and a murderous betrayal. The king ordered his men to slay the entire family of his loyal knight, Romulus, after Romulus questions the loyalty of the queen.

You play as one of three characters; the Knight Romulus, his younger brother Remus, or Sylvia, Remus’ bride and daughter to the king. As the three lay dying, they make a pact with an evil force, and return infused with unholy power, bent on revenge.

As they make their way to the king, players must convert foes into zombie slaves. These zombies may be ordered to attack or pin down your opponents, break down barrier/objects, and even form unliving bridges to circumvent obstacles. Zombie minions may also be utilized as inhuman shields, objects to be thrown, and more.

The game features a metal soundtrack, third person viewpoint, and gameplay similar to that of Tecmo’s 3D Ninja Gaiden games. Players will collect “Dark Energy” along the way, which can be spent on character upgrades. In addition to the single player story mode, Undead Knights has ad-hoc multiplayer support for up to four players.


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