Vaitz Blade

Vaitz Blade is an RPG set in a medieval European-style world, where you collect monsters by lowering their hitpoints. You can also fuse two monsters to create a stronger one. The game has 200 collectible species.

The main point of this game is the “Vaitz” in the title. It is a generic term for monsters, and there are more than 180 different types of Vaitz in total in “Vaitz Blade”. And it’s not just monsters that can be combined with each other, but also items that can be combined with each other in this game.

The variety of battles is one of the game’s charms. In addition to the normal battles in which the player makes full use of the weapons and items he/she has created, the game also includes events and special battles in the arena (one-on-one combat, tag team matches, team battles, winner-take-all battles and time attacks) that add to the excitement of the game.

There are also plenty of events during the story, such as a vertical shooting game that takes advantage of the unique characteristics of WonderSwan.


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