Waterloo, arguably the most famous battle in history, was fought on June 18, 1815 between the French Forces of the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and the English and combined Allied forces under the Duke of Wellington and Prussian forces under Field Marshall Blucher.

Waterloo the game dispenses with the normal overview given to wargame commanders and instead gives the player the same point of view as real commanders on the field of battle.

The player’s orders in an age of pre-radio communication must pass through an elaborate chain of command with varying levels of success in the execution of those orders. These orders may even be ignored if there is better local intelligence or the officers lack the skill or courage to perform them. As the commander (Napoleon or Wellington), the player must even deal with a time delay in the occurrence in events, the time it takes for those events to be relayed back to HQ, and the time it takes to issue orders and see those orders carried out. A text parser is used to issue orders during the game. The battle ends at 9:30 pm at which time full battle reports will become available and the results assessed. The player is also given the option to review the battlefield. The game features a single-player campaign only.


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