Who Killed Sam Rupert: Virtual Murder 1
Windows 3

Sam Rupert has been found dead in the resturant he owns. The police detectives arrive at the scene and must gather clues and solve the mystery to find out which one of 8 suspects might have killed Sam Rupert. Furthermore, since “most” crimes are solved within 6 hours, the city is demanding this case be wrapped up within that limit.

Who Killed Sam Rupert is a multimedia full-motion-video detective game. Players assume the role of the investigating detective and must search the area, and zoom in, via a 1st person adventure game interface for clues and interview witnesses. Each action eats up a designated amount of time, and after 6 hours, the case is over and the player must explain what they’ve found at a press conference in order to get a chance at arresting the guilty party from a narrowed down list of 3 suspects. There are three possible “motives” for the case and thus three possible endings in solving the murder of Sam Rupert.


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