Wolfenstein 3D

The Mega hit from the creators of DOOM’ comes to 3DO!

You’re deep in the heart of Castle Wolfenstein, the feared Nazi prisoner-of-war camp. It’s packed with heavily-armed soldiers. And you’ve heard rumors of twisted biological experiments used as guards. At least nobody is shooting at you… yet. All you’ve got is a knife, a pistol, and your wits to get you through all ninety levels of Wolfenstein 3D!

Race through the castle with machine guns and flamethrowers as your only friends. Defeat powerful bosses and pick up keys to open hidden vaults full of treasures, medikits, and power-ups! The Nazis are determined to stop you, but you can escape from the castle if you’re fast enough… so go prove your worth, soldier!

-Forage for food and medikits as you fight towards freedom.
-Secret rooms and corridors lead the way to treasures and more powerful weapons.
-Rated MATURE for Profound Carnage.
Winner of Computer Game Review’s “Golden Trial Award.”


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