Wrecked: A Psychedelic Adventure

Wrecked was released as shareware by a group called HealthWise, promising… and I’m quoting the Readme file directly here… “5 levels, 12 drugs and hours of Stoned action!!!!!!!” That’s 10ccs of something just for the exclamation marks. It encourages everyone to pass it on, so feel free to grab it. I’ve never seen a full version, or even finished the one-level demo, but believe me, that’s enough of a toke on the crap pipe for anyone. It’s one of the worst platformers you’ll ever encounter, made unforgettable by its central gimmick – if you want to win the game, you have to get high. Yes. Really. The gameworld is sprinkled with drugs from caffeine to crack, and they’re your power-ups. Some simply mess up the screen. Others let you shrink down to get through small gaps. Others just make you look cool in front of your peers, whatever The Man says, yo. You may be wondering what lesson you’re meant to take from this, other than “Taking drugs gives you handy superpowers that help solve problems in your life”. If you play it, you’ll likely be just as confused about where the hell a game that lists Timothy Leary and Jimmy Hendrix in its High Score table gets off even trying to teach lessons. Well, don’t worry. When it remembers, Wrecked has an Important Message For The Young.


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