Action Max

Launch 1987
Launch 1988
AudioInternal Speaker

Action Max is a home video game console using VHS tapes for games. It was created in 1987 by Worlds of Wonder. The Action Max had a very limited release outside of the U.S.

“The Action Max was a games console that you hooked up to your VCR, and played games on VHS tape. All games were controlled with a light gun, and your score was displayed on the console on 2-digit LED display.
## Emul

There was a version of laser-disc emulator Daphe, called **SINGE** that could emulate Action Max games, but it appears to be no longer online.

*Emulator information last updated 9th April 2020*
## Tech
**Name** | Action Max
:- | –
**Origin** | United States
**Processor** | HD401010
**Display Output** | 2 digit LED display on console.
**Storage** | VHS Cassette
**Input** | Light Gun
## Reso
* [Worlds of Wonder Action Max]( – Review from”

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