Launch 1978
Launch 1983
CPUZilog Z80 @ 1.789 MHz
GFXCustom on-board chip, bitmap, 2 plane bitpacked
Display160x102 up to 320x204
Audio3 voices + noise/vibrato effects, (played through TV)

The Bally Astrocade, originally referred to as the Bally Home Library Computer, is a second generation (1976‚Äì1992) home video game console developed by Midway and distributed by Bally Manufacturing. It was released in late 1977 in North America at a retail price of $299. The console was not released outside North America. The Astrocade was known for having the most powerful graphics and sound capabilities for all consoles of it’s era. The console was discontinued in mid to late 1983.

## reso
* [Balley Alley](”

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