Atari XEGS

Launch 1987
Launch 1992
CPUCustom MOS Technology 6502C
GFXAtari Graphic Television Interface Adaptor (GTIA)
Display320 x 192
AudioAtari Pot Keyboard Integrated Circuit (POKEY), 4 channels

The Atari XE Video Game System, commonly known as the Atari XEGS, is a third generation (1983-2003) video game console developed and distributed by Atari Corporation. It was released in November 1987 in North America at a retail price of $199.99. The console was not released outside North America. The XEGS was able to operate as either a stand-alone console or full computer with the addition of its specially designed keyboard. The console was discontinued on January 1, 1992.

“The Atari XEGS, or to give it its full name, the Atari XE Video Game System, was essentially an Atari 65XE Home Computer in a console case. You could plug a keyboard in, and it boots into BASIC.

32 Game cartridges were released in XEGS packaging, though these could also run on Atari’s 8-bit computers, and the XEGS could also run most Atari 8-bit cartridges.
## Emul
System | Emulator | Notes
:- | – | –
Windows / Mac OS / Linux | [MAME/MESS]( | Imperfect Support. Setname: `xegs`

See [Atari 8-bit Emulation]( for more emulation options.

*Emulator information last updated 18th April 2020*
## Tech
**Name** | Atari XE Video Game System
:- | –
**Origin** | United States
**Processor** | MOS Technology 6502C
**Memory** | 64KB
**Display Size** (pixels) | 384 x 240
**Colours** | Palette of 256
**Storage** | ROM Cartridge
**Input** | Joystick, Light Gun
**Cost** | $159 (US launch)
## Reso
* [XEGS cart by cart podcast](”

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