Launch 1979
Launch 1990
CPU16-bit GI CP1610 @ 894.886 KHz
GFXGI AY-3-8900 @ 3.58 MHz
Display159x96, (159x192 on TV with scanline doubling)
AudioGI AY-3-8910, 4 channels (3 sound, 1 noise)

The Mattel Intellivision is a second generation (1976–1992) home video game console developed and distributed by Mattel Electronics. It was released in summer 1979 in North America at a retail price of $299. The console was later released in Europe (1981), South America (1982), and Japan (1982). The Intellivision was the first home console to use a tile based playfield and was the first game console to provide real-time human voices in the middle of gameplay, courtesy of the IntelliVoice module. The console was discontinued in early-1990.

“The Intellivision was launched in very late 1979 by Mattel. Compared to its rival, the Atari 2600, the Intellivision featured better graphics and sound, though still sold in fewer numbers. Mattel sold their video game division to investors, that formed a new company INTV Corporation. The Intellivision was discontinued in 1990.
In 2018, a new company was formed by Tommy Tallarico, to relaunch a modern successor to the Intellivision.
## Emul

Intellivision Emulators require the following BIOS files to run: `exec.bin` and `grom.bin`. For Intellivoice support, you would also need `IVOICE.BIN`

System | Emulator | Notes
:- | – | –
Windows / Mac OS / Linux | [MAME/MESS]( | Good Support. Setname: `intv`
Windows / Mac OS / Linux / Raspberry Pi | (jzIntv]( | –
Retroarch | lr-freeintv | –
RetroPie | lr-freeintv, jzIntv| –

*Emulator information last updated 18th March 2020*
## Tech
**Name** | Mattel Intellivision
:- | –
**Licensed Versions** | Sears Super Video Arcade, Tandyvision One, Bandai Intellivision
**Origin** | United States
**Processor** | CP1600
**Developed by** | David Chandler, David Rolfe, Dave James et al
**Memory** | 1K RAM, 6K ROM
**Display Output** | Television via RF
**Storage** | ROM Cartridge
**Input** | 2 x Keypads with 16-directional dials
**Cost** | $299
## Reso
* [Intellivision Online](
* [Intellivision Revolution](
* [Intellivision World](”

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