Videopac G7000

Launch 1978
Launch 1984
CPUZilog Z80
GFXSGS Thomson EF9345
Display320 x 250

The VG 5000 is a computer created by Philips in 1984 . It was manufactured in Le Mans by Radiotechnique and marketed under the Philips, Radiola and Schneider brands. It was the first home computer released by Philips. It was not MSX compliant and or compatible with the other Philips VG computers. The basic was written by Microsoft. It was designed to be a cheap computer for beginners and school purpose. Philips planned to develop a lot of peripherals for this computer : synthetiser, memory card, floppy disk unit, videodisc interface, etc… but none of them was realised. Finally, it had a limited success.

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