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Atari 5200
Atari • 1982

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Launched ByAtari
Type2nd Generation 8-bit Console
Discontinued21st May 1984

The Atari 5200 was short-lived console designed to follow up Atari's 1977 console, the Atari VCS (Aka Atari 2600). The guts of the machine is almost identical to Atari's 400/800 8-bit machines. It was discontinued two years after launch, after the announcement of the Atari 7800.

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System Emulator Notes
Windows / Mac OS / Linux MAME/MESS Good Support. Setname: a5200
Various Jum52 -
Various atari800 Also supports Atari 8-bit computers
Windows Altirra Also supports Atari 8-bit computers
Mac OpenEmu OpenEmu is an emulator front-end for multiple emulators
Mac Jum52 Mac version ported by Richard Bannister
RetroPie via atari800 and lr-atari800 -

Emulator information last updated 6th April 2020

Tech Specs and further details

Name Atari 5200 Supersystem
Codename Pam
Origin United States
Processor MOS 6502C
Memory 16KB RAM
Colours Total palette of 256
Storage ROM Cartridge
Input Joystick with built-in keypad, trackpad (available separately)