You can now replace your jittery Atari 2600 paddles – Atari are selling new ones!

If you’ve got an Atari 2600, you may have sat down for a quick game of Breakout or Warlords and your paddles are all jittery and rubbish. Yes, you can open them up and clean them, to see if that works, but if the sight of a screwdriver make you shudder then you can simply buy a new pair of paddles from Atari. In 2023. For a console that was nearly fifty years ago.

Atari say, “The CX30+ Paddle Controller is designed to look and feel just like the original and is perfect for precision games.”

Of course, Atari, aren’t doing this just for people with ageing consoles – the company have just announced the Atari 2600+, a new version of the 1977 console, which will play (nearly) all of the original carts for the system – oh, and 7800 carts too.

You can pre-order the 2600+ and the Paddles on the Atari website.

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