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Atari 7800
Atari • 1986

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Launched ByAtari
Type3rd Generation 8-bit Console
LaunchMay 1986
Discontinued01st January 1992

The Atari 7800 ProSystem was developed for Atari by General Computer Corporation (developers of the arcade games Ms. Pacman and Food Fight). Originally set for launch in 1984, the sale of Atari to Jack Tramiel and contractual issues with GCC, led to the 7800 not seeing the light until 1986.

Although only 59 games were released for the system in its lifetime, it could also play Atari 2600 games, giving it access to a much huger library.

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System Emulator Notes
Windows / Mac OS / Linux MAME/MESS Good Support. Setname: a7800
Windows ProSystem -
Windows / Mac / Linux A7800 -
Mac OpenEmu OpenEmu is an emulator front-end for multiple emulators
RetroPie via lr-prosystem -

Emulator information last updated 18th April 2020

Tech Specs and further details

Name Atari 7800 ProSystem
Codename Maria
Origin United States
Processor Atari SALLY 6502
Developed by General Computer Corporation
Memory 4KB RAM
Display Output TV via RF
Display Size (NTSC) (pixels) 160×240 (lo-res), 320×240 (hi-res)
Display Size (PAL) (pixels) 160×288 (lo-res), 320×288 (hi-res)
Colours Palette of 256, 25 on screen simultaneously
Storage ROM Cartridge
Input Joystick
Cost $140 (US launch)


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