Lynx Atari • 1989

TypeHandheld / Portable Console
Launch01st September 1989
  • Atari
Development Team
  • Epyx
Additional Brand
  • Epyx
  • WDC 65C02
  • United States of America
The Atari Lynx was a portable games console launched in 1989. The console was developed by R.J. Mical and Dave Needle at Epyx before being acquired by Atari.
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Tech Info

Name // Lynx

Codename | Handy Game, Portable Color Entertainment System
Origin | United States
Processor | WDC 65SC02
Power | 6 x AA Batteries
Developed by | R.J Mical, Dave Needle, Epyx
Memory | 64KB RAM built in. Cartridges can have additional RAM up to 1MB
Display Output | Built in backlit colour LCD screen
Display Size (pixels) | 160 x 102
Colours | Palette of 4,096
Audio | Built-in Speaker, headphone port
Storage | ROM Cartridge
Cost | 179.99 (US Launch)
Models | Later released as a smaller, updated model, unofficially called Lynx II