The Oric 1 and Oric Atmos were computers made by Tangerine Computer Systems in response to the success of the ZX Spectrum.

Though the Oric computers did not match the sales of the Speccy, they did become a big hit in France, where the Oric 1 was the best-selling computer of 1983.

Tangerine’s Oric Products International was eventually acquired by French company, Eureka, who went on to produce the Oric Stratos and Oric Telestrat.

1nvader gets Oric port by raxiss

1nvader, the one button game inspired by Space Invaders has been ported to the Oric, by raxiss (part of the team who produced the excellent Wizard’s Lair) The game, which was originally coded by Darren Foulds on the Commodore 64, has also been ported to the Atari 8-bits, Arduboy, Channel F and Intellivision. You can see a video of the gameplay 1nvader gets Oric port by raxiss