Stunning new Rogue game for Oric – Wizard’s Lair

Wizard’s Lair is a gorgeous new rogue-like game for the Oric, by Rax & Iss. The game features 33 floors, and 65,535 types of dungeons, giving a possible 2,162,655 floors.

Bocco was an archaeologist who was deeply interested in the history of ancient civilizations. He often traveled the world in search of ancient artifacts and hidden secrets. One day, while studying old scrolls in the mysterious library of a monastery, Bocco discovered a mysterious scroll that drew him into the world of magic.
Bocco studied the scroll for several years and learned a great deal about ancient magic and mystical powers. But his peaceful life was disrupted when an evil wizard appeared, who wanted to conquer the world.
The wizard used old and powerful magic that could destroy entire continents. He threatened to use them in a few days if his demands were not met. Bocco realized that the only way to save the world was to go to the wizard’s cave and defeat him.

Rax says on the Defence Force forums, “In 2019, I decided to try and create a roguelike game with a vast underground dungeon. I wanted the game to fit into a single tap file. I made several unsuccessful attempts. The space was always insufficient. After one such attempt, I stopped working on it. About half a year passed… then I realized that I could generate levels that fit within a single screen, instead of a huge map.”

Iss added, “Additionally: I think there will be soon disk- or cartridge-based version with extended features and even more attractive! The game supports any IJK compatible joysticks”

You can find out more on the Defence Force forums

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