A&B Computing 3.11

A 100% machine code high speed four way scrolling arcade game!

Haven’t we seen this somewhere before…? In a word, no. In another two, not yet. It was a good wat of catching your eye, though!

The point of Gimpo is to eat all the food pellets in the maze, avoiding the ghosts which are out to prematurely terminate your electronic existence (in other words a regurgitated Pac Man!). There are four different screens to each level, and as the level number increases, so does the number of ghosts, and the amount of times you have to eat each pellet of food. Oh yes, and there’a a time limit which is no problem on level one, but on level four it becomes a real obstacle.

The keys for the game are the usual ZX:/ combination; S/Q toggles sound on/off, and COPY/DELETE pauses/continues. I’m afraid that the game gives new meaning to the age-old computer cliche “needs lightning fast reactions” – this one really does!

The game has a display next to the scrolling window showing the score, the time left, the number of food spores remaining on the screen, the lives, screen number and level number. An eight name high score table is included, and because the chunky mode 5 letters were too bid, I have defined a small alphabet for it. The game was written on an Electron, but I have included one or two adjustments to make it work on the Beeb.


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