Astro Warrior

Astro Warrior is a shoot ’em up played from a top down perspective. The game’s controls are different from other games of it’s kind. The ship will automatically move forward once started and the player’s input is limited to rotating it either left or right.

The player’s objective in each of the game’s levels is to kill a certain number of aliens. There are four levels each with a different enemy and the number of kills required increase with the level. In addition to this the player has to keep track of the fuel level of the space ship. When running out of fuel a life is lost and to prevent this from happening the player has to move to a fuel dump in time. There are several fuel dumps on the screen but only one can be used at a certain time. The correct fuel dump is indicated next to the fuel meter in the HUD. Moving into the wrong fuel dump will lead to a crash and there will be one fuel source less in the game.


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