Features of the game: Giant Puffer-Blimps, Trampolines, Huge Tarantulas and Manta-bats, Electrified Fencing/Barbed Wire, Hydraulic Rams. 25 Caves for the Electron!

The aim of Professor Boffin is to pass through a series of caves as quickly as possible by destroying all of the unlucky horseshoes in each cavern and then touching the resident owl, guardian of each cave.

There are two different versions of Boffin on the tape. Boffin v.2 is recorded first, followed by v.1. Boffin v.2 runs on the Acorn Electron and also the BBC Micro. It has 25 different caverns. The first version of Boffin runs on the BBC Micro and features high resolution graphics and 20 caverns – all completely different from those in Boffin v.2.


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